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Brief History of sargodha


The term “Sargodha” has its origin in the words “Sar” meaning “pond” and “Godha” meaning “Sadhu”, which means “Pond of Godha”. This city was founded by lady Trooper in 1903, which became District Headquarter in the 1914 and Divisional Headquarter in 1960, now consisting of four Districts, Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakar. Now it is 10th largest City of Pakistan. It is one of the planned cities of Pakistan, after Islamabad and Faisalabad. Sargodha has a typical Punjabi culture. It is famous for P.A.F, Mushaf Air Base and also for citrus fruits covering almost 80% export of Kinno to the world.

After partition, Malik Ahmad Khan was first Worthy District 8s Sessions Judge of Sargodha. Since 1947 till date 42 Worthy District & Sessions Judges have served at Sargodha including the prominent names, Mr. Justice Sheikh Ejaz Nisar, Mr. Justice Fazal Karim, Mr. Justice Malik Akhtar Hassan, Mr. Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan, Mr. Justice Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Mr. Justice Khawja Imtiaz Ahmad, Mr. Justice Khalid Mehmood Malik, Mr. Justice Arshad Mehmood Tabbasam, all elevated as Hon’ble Judges of the Lahore High Court, Lahore. Peer Muhammad Karam Shah remained as Senior Civil Judge, Sargodha in 1963-64, thereafter elevated to the Apex Court of Pakistan. Malik Mubraiz Khan Tiwana is known as Sir Syed of Sargodha.

Sargodha has produced number of prominent lawyers including Ihsan Qadir Shah and Syed Ghulam Abbas Shah Bukhari on both criminal and civil side, amongst whom a leading and famous lawyers of District Sargodha Ch. Muhammad Masood Jahngir was also elevated as Judge of the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore on 29-10-2013.

The famous personalities of the District Sargodha Include Mr. Justice Gul Baz Awan, Lahore, Malik Ferooz Khan Noon, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Late Mr. Anwar Ali Cheema, Mr. Wasi Shah a prominent poet, Dr. Wazir Agha, Mr. Khizar Hayat Tiwana, Mr. Umar Hayat Tiwana, Malik Feroz Khan Tiwana, Mr. Ghulam Asghar Jillani prominent writer, Mian Muhammad Anwar a philanthropist, who donated his valuable immoveable property whereby Mola Bakhsh Hospital has been established.

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